Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Another School Shooting in Finland

I had promised more pictures of my black and tan relatives today, but news from our neighbour country Finland was too upsetting not to write about. The promised pictures will come, just not today.

About a year ago, there was a gunman shooting a lot of pupils to death at a school in Finland. Today, it is like a rerun of that tragic event. Daniel's sister-in-law Heidi and our Labrador Retriever friend Primus lives in Finland, though luckily at a great distance from the town where this happened. I could not believe it had happened last time. At first, it seems even more unbelievable that this kind of unlikely event would happen again in the same country - but perhaps it has its own kind of sick logic, perhaps the shooter today would never have done this without the previous school shooting.

I hope no dogs were injuried and that any dog owners who may have been hit have friends and family who can take good care of their dogs.

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