Tuesday, September 09, 2008


If you want to stay correct, it is important to say Shiba Inu about my dog breed. The breed is often just called Shiba. However, there are other things in Japan that are also called Shiba, such as an area in central Tokyo. If you are Japanese, you may even have Shiba as your family name, such as a tourist interviewed in this article about an old silver mine in Japan that is designated as a world heritage. This is why I usually use the full name of my breed.

In other news from Japan, it is noteworthy that there are now as many as six candidates to become Prime Minister in Japan. I wonder how this will end.

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Ylva said...

Där ser man :)
Av nyfikenhet. Betyder shiba inu någonting? Jag tänker, går det att översätta? Eller vad är ursprunget till att rasen heter just så?