Wednesday, September 17, 2008


We have got four apple trees in our garden. This year is a great apple year, so we have had a large harvest of apples, more than we can eat. In order to put some more apples to use, and to answer Paula's call for a good dessert, Daniel decided to bake an apple pie this evening. The pie is currently in the oven, where it is supposed to be baked for 40 minutes. We have to be patient for a little while longer. It looks and smells promising.

Daniel used this recipe:

1 kg apples
2 ½ dl flour
150 g butter
4 table spoons water
4 table spoons sugar
1 egg

Oven temperature 225 degrees Celsius, 40 minutes.

He mixed the flour and butter, then mixed the water into this dough. Then he peeled and cut the apples, laying them in layers in a pan with sugar between. The dough was flattened out as a lid on top of the apples, and the egg was whipped and poured out across this lid. Then the pie was put in the oven.

Of course, the actual baking process took longer than reading (or writing) this text. What seems to be the longest time, however, is the time we have to wait for the pie to be done in the oven. I am longing to taste it.

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Sandra och Mathias said...

Hej hej! Tråkigt att pajen inte blev perfekt! Prova att ta 150 g smör, 2 dl mjöl, 2 dl havregryn och 2 msk socker nästa gång. Blanda och lägg över äpplena. Det blir lite krispigt och knäckigt. Mums! =)