Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Dog Pens Used for Prisoners

Australian soldiers have held four suspected Taleban militants in dog pens for 24 hours. This was a necessary thing to keep the suspects locked in and the Australian soldiers safe, until the suspects could be transferred to another building. Muslims have expressed heavy critizism against this, claiming it was an infringement of human rights. According to Muslim traditions, dogs are viewed as unclean and impure. The Australian military, on the other hand, has claimed that the prisoners were not maltreated and that no breach of human rights occured.

I agree more with the Australians than the Muslims. These prisoners should feel happy about their treatment. In my mind, humans who believe dogs are unclean and impure actually does not deserve to be put in such a fine facility as a dog pen. Dogs are man's best friends, you do not claim your best friends are unclean and impure. It is quite impolite to do so. However, if you let these people into a dog pen, maybe they can start to review their opinions about dogs to the better? I would hope so, but, unfortunately, I do not believe so.

I fear there will always be humans who look down upon us dogs. This is especially sad, because dogs always look up to humans. Occasionally, however, we just do not understand some humans.

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