Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Mia came over to visit us yesterday. We had a chicken and sausage barbecue which everybody enjoyed. Mia did not bring Kesshi, though. This made April and me a bit disappointed, but was actually just as well, since Kesshi and Dad hate each other.

Mia stayed the night, she slept on our living room sofa, which is quite comfortable. In the early night, Auntie Linni slept at her feet. Later in the night, I discovered that Linni had left that cozy place, so I took it and slept there until the morning came - or rather, until such an early hour that Daniel decided that it was morning and time for our morning walk. Mia and Paula, who did not work today, slept until ten o'clock. I slept long with them after that Daniel forced me with him. Well. I did do my stuff outside so I guess that Daniel had predicted this when he made me go with him and the rest of the dogs on the morning walk...

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