Saturday, July 12, 2008


Daniel has had a summer vacation lately, and it is still not over. I decided to follow his example and take a vacation from my blog. However, I find writing in my blog to be such a great thing to do, that it is hardly work. It is only once in a while that I find it hard to come up with things to write about. After two days without blog entries, I did not want to keep up the vacation anymore. Thus, I am back again.

We are going to a dog show tomorrow, but none of us Shiba Inus will be shown. It is a Pharao Hound specialty. Our hopes goes to Primus, who has a chance of becoming a champion. The last certificate always seems to be the hardest to collect, so we will not take anything for granted. If you do not take anything for granted, you are not as disappointed if things do not go your way, and you are more happy if they do. We will see what happens.

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