Wednesday, July 23, 2008


There will be a hurricane in Texas. Mum has lived in Texas, but she is glad she does not anymore. She is happy to live with us in Sweden, she says. When there is a hurricane allert in one of the two states in the USA where she has lived (Washington is the other), this becomes even more true. On the other hand, Mum often tries to say to Paula and Daniel that she got more food and more treats in the USA. Paula and Daniel do not really believe her.

In Sweden, petrol has been very expensive this summer, making it expensive to go to dog shows. This is partly due to heavy taxes on oil products. In Vietnam in South East Asia, there has been government subsidies to the oil industry instead, keeping the price of petrol low. The government has now decided to scrap the subsidies, thus the petrol price jumps 31 %. This puts the price of petrol in Vietnam at about $1.15 per litre. This is still considerably lower than in Sweden, but about the same as in Vietnam's neighbouring countries. I do not know how many dog shows there are in Vietnam, but I guess going to them will be more expensive now.

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