Thursday, July 31, 2008

Scandal upon Scandal

The upcoming Olympic Games has been a scandal ever since it was decided which country would host them: the People's Republic of China, a communistic dictatorship. More and more has been revealed about China's breaches against human rights (and dog's rights). Now, there is another scandal, but this time it involves Russians. Seven Russian athletes have been suspended due to doping charges. Five of them were bound for the Olympic Games. Doping scandals have happened in the Olympic Games before, but hardly to this extent even before the Games. A couple of Romanians have also been suspended due to suspicions of doping. On the other hand, perhaps these athletes do not care much, perhaps they do not want to go to the dictatorship China to compete anyway.

My friend Grus and his human Ylva has a new address on their blog. My link to it is henceforth updated.

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