Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Tearing Down and Rebuildning

Our house is a bit old and has not got the best of modern comforts. We have discussed that we will have it teared down in a couple of years and build a new house on the same site. Another option would be to build a new house somewhere else on our big lot and save the present house as a guest house. The present house is, however, certainly located on the best site of the lot. We do not have to decide now what to do and the situation is still up for discussion. April is the only one who has made up her mind. She has decided this house must come down and has actually started to tear up the floor in the kitchen.

Paula was furious with April when she caught April tearing up the floor for the first time last week. One would think April would have been taught a lesson, but she started to tear up the floor again today. Needless to say, Paula got furious again.

April has to learn to wait until decisions affecting us all are finally made. I am not opposed to the idea of tearing this house down, but I would never start doing it on my own before the decision to do this was made. April is still young, I am sure she will learn.

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