Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Competing in Beauty

I have written about last Sunday's dog show three days in a row now. I will not write about it today too. One of my goals with each blog post is to write something different from the previous days, that is why I try to shift focus from my own life, to that of my family and friends, to domestic news, on to international news, and back.

Japan is in focus when it comes to more than one winter sport world championships this year. The Japanese hosted the World Championships in Cross Country Skiing earlier this year, now the World Figure Skating Championships have started in Tokyo. There are differencs i opinions whether figure skating is a sport, since it is a competition in how to skate beautifully. Figure skating is actually more of a beauty contest than dog shows are. (Despite what some people think, dog shows is not about beauty but about results of breeding and also some training of the dogs.) Nevertheless, you have to be skilled and very well trained to participate. It is rather fun to look at on TV, so it is definitely entertainment. The competition part adds to the thrill of the entertainment and makes the participants more eager to perform at their best. I like it.

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