Sunday, March 25, 2007

Daylight Savings Time

There is time for this silly thing called daylight savings time again. We lose one hour of official time in the spring and get it back in the autumn, in order to move the hours people are awake backwards and thus get more hours of daylight in the evenings. As I wrote one year ago, this is silly. It is a great deception of the people. What is the difference between getting up one hour earlier by the clock and one hour earlier because you have turned the arms of the clock back one hour?

I guess the people want to be deceived. Just because of this deception, even dogs will be forced to get up one hour earlier Monday morning, to go on morning walks before their humans go to work. What other animals use daylight savings time? None! Humans claim to be the smartest animal on the planet. If this is so, the smartness behind daylight savings time is so beyond my capacities to understand, that I really do not believe there is any smartness behind it at all. Humans are lucky all the dogs on the planet love them so much that they like them despite silly things like getting up one hour earlier all the work days until autumn.

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