Monday, March 05, 2007

Cats and Dogs Finding New Homes

There was a premiere for a new Swedish TV show today, a documentary on a cat and dog shelter and how homeless or neglected cats and dogs got taken care of and got new, loving homes. The subject of the show is very important and I had high hopes for it. Unfortunately, though, it was badly directed and produced, and repeated itself in a manner which I have previously only seen on cheap foreign documentaries. In my home, which is fortunately full of love and care, we all agreed that the aim of the show was good, but that it was not produced in a good enough way that we will keep following the series. This is too bad, because if dog lovers like my humans do not want to watch this important show, who will? I can only hope for the best for all of the homeless and neglected dogs out there.


Grus said...

Jag såg inte programmet. Matte och jag hade internettid då och vi kom inte ihåg förrän efteråt att det var igår den där serien började. Det låter ju inte som om vi missade så mycket. :|

Daily Hailey said...

Nej, jag tycker faktiskt inte att ni missade någonting. Internet är oftast betydligt mer intressant än vad det programmet var.