Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Paula Is Back, With a New Friend

A lot of things have happened the last days. I had no strength to write anything in my blog, after a terrifying adventure that ended well. Dad ran away and we were out looking for us for more than two hours in the afternoon and early evening. Daniel called the police, who had received a tip that Dad was back in the park in our old neighbourhood. We took the car and went there too look for him. Paula's parents helped, her dad on bicycle and her mum by car. It was Paula's mum who finally found Dad, as he was on his way back home. We believe Dad was looking for Paula, who had certainly been gone long enough, but he did not want to say anything himself.

Paula came back yesterday. We were all very happy to see her. She brought another Shiba Inu, a female who is a bit younger than I am. This Shiba Inu's name is April. She will become a part of our family, but I cannot tell you so much about her yet, since I am just beginning to get to know her. She seems to be a nice fellow, but then again, which Shiba Inu is not?

It is a more normal day today, when Paula is back home. The only thing out of the ordinary was a great rainfall. It was not nice to get out in the pouring rain, but once you are wet, it is not so bad.

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