Friday, December 22, 2006


We are cleaning the entire house for Christmas today. April and I made the bed and there were also other things all of us dogs did. Cleaning is not fun, but the result is nice. With my own efforts, I also help the others to get the energy to clean up more. I also picked up an indoors toy who had ended up outdoors, this little stuffed heffalump was wet and dirty and looked more sad than he usually does. Daniel put him in the bin for dirty laundry.

We thought Daniel would not be home tonight. He told us yesterday he would go out with some of his colleagues, because it was the last day at work for one of them. However, he did not go, he told us they did not have any night out. Many of Daniel's colleagues have relatives in other parts of the country. If most of them left town early in the day to celebrate Christmas elsewhere, it makes some sense the rest of them did not think it was worth it to do anything, even though they made up plans yesterday. I think it is good they did not have any night out, I like it better when Daniel is at home. I told him so - to comfort him, since he seemed a bit disappointed.

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