Friday, December 01, 2006


Paula and Daniel use to call us Shiba Inus a number of different things besides our normal names. Some nicknames have a theme, so that each of us has a nickname of the same sort. My favourite theme is the pasta theme. Pasta is food, and food is always good.

These are our pasta nicknames:

Mum Sunni, from lasagne: La Sunni
Aunt Linni, from tortelini: Tortelinni
Dad Kuro, from macaroni: Makuroni
Our friend (but Dad's rival) Kesshi, from spaghetti: Spakesshi
Myself, as Hailey, from tagliatelle: Tagliahailey

This week, we have been thinking about what pasta nickname the new Shiba Inu in our family, April, will get. It has to be derived from a fairly common pasta. Maybe farfalle could be Faprille, but I am not sure this is really good. If any of my readers has a good idea, please let me know by writing a comment to this blog post. I promise to forward any suggestions to the others in my family, we will take every suggestion into consideration.

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