Saturday, December 02, 2006

I Am Not Sure What To Do

A little while ago, I changed into the Beta Blogger for my blog. This is a new version of Blogger. As such, it is naturally supposed to be better. I have not discovered a single new, better feature in the new version. The only new thing I have discovered is that I now has to log in with an e-mail address along with my password, instead of a user name and my password. This annoys me, because I have not chosen to change user name, and the e-mail address is longer and due to its @ a bit more difficult to type.

I have another web page where I could start to publish my blog posts instead. I may do that in some days, but I have to figure out how to get the same links there that I have on my Blogger page. Stay tuned for more information. - Another disadvantage with Beta Blogger is that I now have to type the links manually. There used to be a convenient button on the screen to press, then you just added the link. It is a good thing Daniel knows a little about HTML, he helped me a bit here.

Over all, I am satisfied with Blogger, but I do not understand why it should be changed without any obvious improvements.

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