Sunday, October 15, 2006

Long Walk

I had planned on writing in my blog after the evening walk yesterday, but Paula had already turned the computer off for the night when I got back home. To be honest, though, I had no great subject to write about, only some lines about the Saturday being a day when we took it easy.

This morning, Mum, Dad, auntie Tiffy, Daniel, and I took a long walk. We are usually out for about half an hour even on weekdays, but today we went further and were out for a full hour. It is nice to discover new parts of town and we have a terrific, sunny autumn day as made for long walks. I really enjoyed it. Mum, who never likes long walks, was the one who wanted to go home first of all. I am glad we did not turn and take the usual morning walk route that she wanted us to take. It is also much sweeter to take a nap after a really long walk than after a normal one.

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