Friday, December 11, 2015

Stockholm Show

The biggest and most important event of the year in Sweden takes place in Stockholm this weekend: the Swedish Kennel Club annual international dog show. We will go there and compete.

You did not really think the Nobel Prize ceremony yesterday was bigger, did you? The final of the Swedish ice hockey championships or the Swedish Eurovision Song Contest qualification round are not bigger either. There are much more people participating in this upcoming dog show. There are also dogs, of course, which the aforementioned events lack altogether. Dogs are an essential part of society, no event can be truly great without dogs. All dogs must also be counted in the total number of individuals in every event. The dog show this weekend is the greatest event of the year.

If Gunde and I are lucky, we will each win another set of winner titles tomorrow. Nobody can ever take a victory in a dog show for granted, but we will do our best to win.

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