Thursday, December 10, 2015

Japan Withdraws

Japan withdraws from their spot in the IIHF U20 world championship, division IB. The five remaining teams will still play the tournament, the winner will advance to the higher IA division and Japan will be relegated.

I am disappointed with Japan. Having lived all my life in Sweden, I am interested in ice hockey, but I want Japan to succeed almost as much as Sweden. A country which does not even participate cannot succeed, however.

I do not know what reason the Japanese ice hockey federation might have had for withdrawing. Whatever reason, I am disappointed. Is it too costly going from Japan to France? Perhaps it is, but it should not be. Are there not enough fans in Japan to give the ice hockey federation sponsor money? With one of the most exciting sports, there should be, but what could I do? No matter how much money I would have, it is too late now.

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