Thursday, September 08, 2011


We are carnivores. By we, now, I mean all of us dogs and all the humans in our family. Paula had this weird idea the other day that she would stop eating meat. She would eat sea food, but apart from that, she would be a vegetarian, she said. I told her this goes against everything that I stand for.

The ancestors of us dogs originally teamed up with humans to form better hunting packs. Humans and dogs together are formidable hunters. Hunters eat meat. Meat gives us proteins and feed our brains with the energy that our intelligence requires.

I know neither Paula nor Daniel hunt. Nor do any of us dogs, except for the occasional field mouse that Mum has caught. Still, meat is what brought dogs and humans together. If Paula would not eat meat anylonger, I could not fully respect her as the leader of our pack.

Fortunately, Paula got to her senses. She does eat meat.

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