Thursday, September 22, 2011

Affirmative Action

Some humans are in favour of affirmative action. This means that, instead of discriminating against minorities or other groups of humans in the same way as usual, you discriminate against those who have mostly been favoured by laws and policies before. In essence, you change one discriminating action into another, going the opposite direction. I do not really see the point. Then again, dogs never discriminate against other dogs because of their breed, sex, or anything else. We take each dog as a dog, that is all.

I cannot see why one discrimination would be better than the other. The best thing must be to see each human as an individual. Dogs do that. We never discriminate against groups of humans. Perhaps the humans in favour of discrimination can learn something from this. After all, if we never discriminate among humans, and we are "man's best friend", is not our non-discrimination policy worth following?

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