Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The 13th

It is the 13th today. Not that it matters. It is not Friday the 13th, but a Tuesday. Not that it matters. I am not supersticious.

We have a ladder in the yard. It often stands up against the wall, where the chimney sweeper climbs up to the roof to climb further up to the chimney. He did so today, when he paid us his yearly visit. I often go under this ladder. Not that it matters. I am not supersticious.

I believe superstition is something utterly human. Humans often pride themselves with being the most intelligent and wisest creature on Earth. Still, I do not think there are any dogs who are supersticious, as many humans are. Sure, dogs can be afraid of thunder and other loud noises, but this is something different. We are not afraid something evil might happen to us just because it is a certain date of the month, a certain day of the week, or that the path we are walking are taking us under a ladder. If we are afraid, it is because of real experience or that we really do not understand loud noises and such. How does this count, if you compare our wisdom to that of humans?

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