Sunday, May 09, 2010

Linni Got Happy

In today's formula 1 Grand Prix in Barcelona, Spain, Mark Webber won. Auntie Linni was happy he did, because he is from Australia, just like Linni's father. Linni hopes that Webber will win the world championship this year, and with the victory today, Webber is clearly a contender for the title.

There are no Americans for Mum, April, or Calvin to hope for, and no Norwegians for Dad to hope for. There are also no Swedes for any of us to hope for. One of the contestants is from Japan: Kamui Kobayashi. While he is a competent driver, he is also a rookie and drives a BMW Sauber, which is not a good car. So far, Kobayashi has not scored a single point, and it is reasonable to rule him out of the competition for the world champion title, at least this year. We hope that he will drive a more competitive car next year. Until that happens, or there are any Americans, Norwegians, or Swedes racing, I go with Auntie Linni and hope for Mark Webber.

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