Thursday, May 06, 2010


There is a general election in the United Kingdom today. Daniel says it is important, because the UK is a big, European country and what happens there affects Sweden very much. Despite this, I cannot say I care much. I have no relatives in or from the UK, neither does any of the other dogs in our household. Neither, for that matter, does Daniel or Paula. The English, who are the majority if the British, also have their very own rules on how to judge Shiba Inus. The Kennel Club in England is not a member of the FCI and do not abide by the rule that it is the breed standard of the home country of a breed that matters. I do not like that. I believe that if you have a Japanese breed like the Shiba Inu, you should go by the Japanese breed standard. What is the point of having a different standard? This is why I do not care much about the UK, and therefore do not care much about the election there. I do not care that Daniel care, either. That my son Nemo got his official name Eclipse Class Cruiser from a class of UK Royal Navy cruisers does not alter this fact.

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