Friday, May 28, 2010

Dog Concert

There will be a concert in Sydney, Australia, specifically developed for dogs. The music will be played by US rock star Lou Reed and the concept was developed by his wife, Laurie Anderson. The music will be very special, played mostly in the high frequences that dog ears can hear, but human ears cannot. Mr. Reed and Ms. Anderson say they have played a lot of music for their own dog, rat terrier Lollabelle.

It would be interesting to hear this music. I am not such a great fan of music, but music composed especially for dogs must be something extra. Auntie Linni, whose father is from Australia, and I even talked about the unlikely possibility of going to Australia to attend to the concert. Australia is far off from Sweden, though, on the other side of Earth. We suppose it will be possible to hear the music some time without going anywhere, music is easily purchased or acquired freely through the Internet these days. If the concert is a success, there might even be a world tour which just might come to Sweden. In that case, maybe Linni and I will go.


Ylva said...

Intressant. Men om vi människor påstås inte kunna höra musiken för att den ligger på en frekvens vi inte kan höra - hur vet vi då att de faktiskt spelar någonting över huvud taget?

Daily Hailey said...

Jag antar att ni människor helt enkelt får tro på oss hundar, när vi berättar att det var musik.