Friday, May 14, 2010

Dangerous Superstition

Humans are strange. They are the most intelligent animal on Earth, yet many of them believe in really strange things. This is quite all right, as long as it does not hurt anybody else. One of the most horrible things that some people believe in, though, is old school, folk medicine. Not only is the medical effect of folk medicine next to nothing, only placebo may be an effect. It is also a threat to wildlife across the planet. Half of all wild canine species are hunted and killed for these kinds of non-effective medicine, just because of human superstition. This is no proof of human intelligence, but rather the opposite. In these modern times, which many humans like to call enlightened, there are thus still a lot of humans killing canine wildlife for nothing. It would be better if these superstitious people would take no medicine at all, because the medicine they take does not make them better, but are made at the expence of the lives of innocent animals.

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