Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Polly Likes the Outdoors

Polly, my dear daughter, really likes it outside, running around in our garden, playing with the toys and playing catch with the rest of us. It was raining this afternoon, nobody else wanted to stay outside, but she was still running around, enjoying herself. Shiba Inus are not normally fond of water and rain, but Polly was not concerned. We waited and waited, and finally Daniel managed to get her attention and make her want to get inside.

I have never enjoyed the outdoors much, in any weather, neither has Mum or Dad, though Dad likes to take long walks. Auntie Linni likes to lay outside for longer periods, when it is warm and the Sun is shining. Kuro chan can also be fond of staying outside once in a while. He is the father of Polly, and maybe she has gotten her interest in staying outdoors from him, but her interest seem to me bigger than his. Well, we do not always know why our pups get their personal traits, which is one of the great things of having pups. I do not have the same interests as my parents, either.

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