Friday, April 30, 2010


Mum had to go to the veterinarian today. Yesterday evening, we discovered something we first thought was a tick. This would have been the first this year, but since spring has gotten far, it was not unlikely that Mum would have a tick. On closer look, though, it was no tick, but looked like a piece of the skin growing the wrong way. We all got concerned, it might be the start of cancer. Today, the veterinarian took care of it right away. He told Daniel and Mum that it was a good thing Mum came in so quickly, because something like this could have grown rapidly. It was small, though, and did not yet have any roots through which it would have been able to spread. Thus, the final news was happy: Mum is going to be completely fine.

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Ylva said...

Skönt att höra. Det är alltid oroande att hitta konstigheter på doggsen.