Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Not a Day Off

Occasionally, I have taken days of from my blog. I really do not like to do so. I have given the blog the name Daily Hailey, therefore, I believe in trying to keep it daily. When I do take days off, it is generally for very good reasons, such as when I am not at home all day or when my pups have been very young. There have been days when I have not written in my blog, despite winning in the dog show ring, but this is when I have not been home to do so. Today, I felt like taking a day off. I have not found any subject to write about; the subjects often seem to come to me without any effort on my part, but this was not the case this day. On the other hand, I cannot say I have any good reason to take a day off from my blog. This is why I decided just to write about the occasional hardships of having a daily blog, the days when you have a hard time deciding upon what to write. This is one of those days. Do come back tomorrow, I think I can come up with something else to write about until then.

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