Thursday, April 29, 2010

Late Decision

The US department of defence has announced that it has lifted its ban on women serving on submarines. In about a year, the first women could take up their posts.

I find it strange that women has not been allowed before. In the event of a nuclear war, the crews of nuclear submarines are the humans most likely to survive. If the crews survive, but are all men, the species would still perish with them. There would be no women who could make couples with men and make another generation of humans. Of course, you could argue that humanity would never be able to make it after a nuclear holocaust no matter who would be on the submarines, because there would be no land to return to and no food to eat. On the other hand, a nuclear war would not have to be a full holocaust, hurting the entire Earth so badly that nuclear submarine crews would not be able to return to land even years later.

For my part, I would also like parts of the nuclear submarine crews to be dogs, so man's best friend would also have a chance to survive a nuclear war.

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