Sunday, April 25, 2010

Dog Show?

Paula and Daniel were away from home for a part of this Sunday. They claim they went to a dog show in Västerås, a town of the same size as our home town and about an hour's car ride away. I have my doubts, since they did not bring a single dog. What is the point of going to a dog show, if not to amuse the dog you are going to show? It is not like they need to look for new dog breeds, since they are breeders of the best breed there is already.

I checked the story, and there actually was a dog show in Västerås today. They also brought dog candy home of a kind usually purchased at dog shows, and they were gone for such a long time that they would have had the time to go there and back again. Nevertheless, I questioned where they had been when they got home, but they stood by their story. They generally tell us the truth about their whereabouts.

Well, I have no evidence what so ever that they are lying, so they may be speaking the truth, unlikely though it seems. I guess that even the most unlikely event may happen occasionally, and maybe this was one such occasion. In the long run, it will not matter much, and I guess I will settle with believing in the unlikely story that Paula and Daniel both say is the truth.

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