Thursday, April 22, 2010


Some of us bark a lot, occasionally. Mum, who is the oldest and wisest of us, barks the most. Paula and Daniel often say that they get tired of this. On the other hand, Mum would not be herself, if she would not bark. Odds are Mum will be the one who will leave us first, for the afterlife, because of her age. Daniel has confessed that since he would miss Mum a lot, he would probably miss her barks as well. This is a sign of love. If you love somebody, you also love her faults in a way. I would also miss Mum's barks, not only because I am the second biggest barker who would then have the misfortune of being biggest barker, but also because I too love Mum. We are all very lucky Mum is in excellent health and will certainly live for many years to come.

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