Monday, October 05, 2009

Packing Bags

Paula is packing her bags to prepare for a dog show journey. It will be a long trip, starting tomorrow, to Bratislava in Slovakia. You have to go through Germany or Poland to get there from Sweden, the planned route is through Germany and the Czech Republic. Paula has told me I will get to go on this trip, so I have already packed my bag. Still, there have been so many dog show trips this year when I have had to stay at home, that I am not quite sure I will get to come until I sit there in the car tomorrow morning. Let us hope for a safe trip, a pleasant dog show, and that I really get to come along. It will be the longest voyage I have ever made, and I am looking forward to it. You will hear more in the days to come, provided that I have computer access on the road.


Joyce said...

Very very good luck too you all!!!
We will our fingers crossed.
And hope for good results!
And a nice show offcourse

Greeting Joyce

Daily Hailey said...

Thank you for your good luck wishes.