Thursday, October 08, 2009


We are satisfied with our results on the World Dog Show. Kuro chan was not placed as champion male, but with Excellent, I got Very Good. Mum, however, was the best individual of us, she got the World Veteran Winner '09 title!

Kuro chan and I also competed in brace, where you are supposed to compete with another dog of your breed with the same human owners, and try to look alike. We made a great couple. We got to the WDS finals, where we became Second Best in Show in Brace. This is an amazing result; Shiba Inus are seldom in the Best in Show Finals at all, black and tan Shibas like Kuro chan and I are there even more seldom.

Kuro chan also met an old friend of his from Japan. That was a happy reunion.

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joyce said...

Many gongradulations for your good results.
You did a good job especially with the future couple hihi