Tuesday, October 13, 2009


The second Monday in October is a special day for a lot of people and dogs in the south of Sweden. (In this context, Örebro counts as part of south of Sweden.) It is the day when the yearly moose hunt start. I am not a big game hunting dog, Shiba Inus never were, but I can understand the thrill that many dogs feel, who will participate in this hunt. It is necessary to hunt for moose, to prevent them from being too many, damaging too much of the forests. The hunt also brings good meat.

Paula's father has given us moose meat sometimes, from the hunts where he participate, and it is tasty. If you would buy this meat in the store, it would be very expensive, so getting it for free is fantastic. I do not know if Paula's father will participate in hunts this year. Paula does not really fancy this meat, I do not understand why, but I hope we can get some more this year anyway.

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