Friday, October 09, 2009

Nobel Prizes

The Nobel Prizes of this year has been announced this week. The biggest surprise was probably that US President Barack Obama got the Peace Prize. This is a surprise, because while Obama is certainly liked and respected in large parts of the world, he has not actually accomplished any great things for peace and cooperation between humans.

If I would be able to suggest a candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize, I would consider that organizations can get this prize, and suggest the Fédération Cynologique Internationale, FCI. Being at present at the World Dog Show, with humans and dogs from all over the world, I can really see that the FCI is an organization that brings us all together in peaceful competition, as well as in cooperation and for the good of dogs and humans alike. The dog-human connection is strong, and the FCI works to strengthen the status of dogs in human society, thus improving human society world-wide with all the positive things that dogs can bring. The FCI is a private, world wide organization, and its achievements on international cooperation is tremendous. It would be a worthy winner that has achieved a lot already.

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