Monday, January 08, 2007

Towards the End of Christmas

It said in the local paper today, that there were festivities in Wadköping yesterday for the end of Christmas. (Wadköping is a part of Örebro where old houses are preserved.) They were several days too early. I pity the children whose parents' dragged them there and made them believe Christmas is already over. Any reasonably learned person knows Christmas is not over until the Twentieth day of Christmas, the day of Canute (the English form of the name Knut). This is on the upcoming Saturday. Most humans are free from jobs and schools on Saturdays, why could they not have planned festivities for Canute instead?

April has laid all her fears for Christmas way behind. Now she and I are both sad that Christmas will soon be over. Christmas means a lot of good food and candy, for dogs as well as for humans. We will soon have to look forward to Easter Eggs filled with loads of dog candy instead, indeed a vision of a happy future.

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