Tuesday, January 02, 2007


Paula is packing to go to a dog show. This time, I will not come along. I did not feel like being shown anyway, it is not the season for it. Dog shows are supposed to be outside in summer weather. Besides, since I am staying home, I am relieved of the duty to pack my bag.

April will go with Paula, but she is not as nervous as you would think. She said she has already been to dog shows in America, so she knows what it is all about. I hope she will get a good result, but I do not think she will do as good as I did in Hässleholm, where I became Best in Show-Pup.


Ylva och Grulle said...

VI håller våra tummar och tassar för att det skall gå bra för April på utställningen.

April said...

Det gjorde det, jag blev BIS-reserv i valpklass en av dagarna.