Saturday, January 27, 2007

Early Evening - Early Morning

Paula and Daniel decided to take an early evening yesterday, thus Paula turned the computer off before I had the chance to write yesterday's blog post. It was quite all right to go to sleep early, sleep is one of my favourite pass times and one of the things in the world I do best.

However, if you go to sleep early in the evening, I believe it is time to get up early in the morning as well. Since it is Saturday today, Daniel does not go to work and did not take us out on the morning walk a little past six o'clock in the morning. I could easily stand to sleep a little longer than that, I love to sleep long in the mornings as well, but when the clock started to close in on nine in the morning, I had had enough. I started to tell Daniel and Paula I wanted to go out, but they were lazy and wanted to sleep longer. They told me to stay quiet, but I soon resumed telling them I thought it was time to get up. The other dogs agreed with me. When we finally got Paula and Daniel to rise from the bed, they did discover it was a beautiful winter day outside with blazing sunshine reflecting on the snowy fields. How can you be in a bad mood on a beautiful day like this?

We got out before breakfast and I wanted to go out after breakfast as well, but Paula and Daniel thought I had had enough time outside. Perhaps they were right, but then they went out themselves and spent a couple of hours downtown. There is a market downtown this week. Paula bought some candy which we got to taste when they returned home. It was really tasty. If I had any lingering hard feelings about this morning, they sure disappeared as quickly as the candy I got. Over all, this was a good day in my life.

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