Thursday, October 25, 2012

Satsumas and Clementines

Paula asked Daniel to buy some clementines today. He did not find any that he wanted to buy, so he bought some satsumas instead. These fruits are very similar. I am not a connoisseur of fruits, so I cannot really tell them apart. If I have a choice between these two fruits, though, I would chose the satsuma. This is because the satsuma has its origin in the old Satsuma province of Japan, hence its name. The clementine, on the other hand, was discovered as a hybrid between mandarines and bitter oranges by the French priest Clément Rodier in Algeria in the early 1900s. If something has its origin in Japan, I always presume that it is better than other alternatives, just like the Japanese Shiba Inu is the best dog breed there is. I could be mistaken, but on the issue of satsumas versus clementines, I have not yet been proved wrong.

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