Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Debris from the Tsunami

This is amazing: debris washed out into the sea with the tsunami in Japan last spring has started to wash ashore on the west coasts of the USA and Canada. It has travelled  thousands of kilometres in a year and a half. Among the things washed up are huge things like a whole dock from a Japanese port and a container with a motorcycle in it. The motorcycle had a licence plate, which enabled the finders to return it to its Japanese owner.

This is also a visible warning to the people of the North American west coast. A tsunami could hit them too, anytime, anywhere. Mum's breeders live in Washington on the US west coast, but fortunately not so close to the shore that they would be directly affected by a tsunami. It would be a major event in their State, though, if it was hit by a tsunami the size of which hit Japan last spring.

Finding things on the beach from Japan might be interesting. There are easier ways of getting hold of something fabulous from Japan in Washington, though. I would recommend a Shiba Inu from Mum's breeder, Taichung Shibas.

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