Thursday, October 11, 2012

Chef TV Competitions

There are a lot of chef shows on TV these days, especially competitions between people who are, or wants to become, chefs. I am quite tired of them.

As a dog, my sense of smell is much more evolved than a human's sense of smell. In chef TV shows, more than any other TV shows, I am always disappointed with the lack of smell TV. I would be able to smell the food they cook and compete with. This would give me a much better chance to evaluate whom to hope for in the competition. The most boring thing with all of these chef competitions is that without being able to taste, or at least smell, the food, how can you ever evaluate the different dishes with which the chefs compete? Without smell TV, all of these chef competitions on TV are a waste of time to watch.

On the other hand, perhaps smell TV on chef competitions would make me too hungry. Nevertheless, I would rather watch wildlife or dog TV programmes.

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