Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Is there Poison?

A rumour has spread in our home city Örebro, that someone has placed pieces of poisonous meat in a park in the outskirts of the city. Dogs are reputed to have died. However, the police says they have not heard of any complaints and noone has filed any charges. This park, Karlslund, is not close to us; we do not walk there, but many other dogs in our city do.

We have heard an interview on the radio with a human whose dog died about a month ago, and the veterinarian suspected the dog had been poisoned. There were no evidence of this, though, as far as I could tell. Had there been evidence, I would assume this human whose dog had died had contacted the police about it. It is also strange to think someone would actually go through the trouble of distributing poisoned meat in a park where dogs walk.

Even though there are no evidence that dogs have been poisoned, I would still recommend dogs to be more careful than usual for a while, at least in Karlslund. It might just be stories, but why gamble with your life just when the rumours are at what is arguably their peak?

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