Saturday, February 28, 2009

Song Contest

We have now been able to see and hear all the 32 songs of the 2009 Swedish qualification to the Eurovision Song Contest. Tonight was the fourth out of four qualification rounds to the final qualification in Stockholm in two weeks. I believe 32 songs are too many, because there are always many songs that are not good. Before my lifetime, the Swedish qualification contest was normally done in one night with just ten entries, perhaps that would be better.

There were a couple of really good songs this time, two of which went straight to the final. The best songs of each qualifying round compete against one other song. It was ironic that Sarah Dawn Finer, who tried once again to sing a power ballad without having the voice necessary for it, went up against professional opera singer Malena Ernman. For those who had not heard it before, it must now have become very clear that while Ms. Finer may have a good singing voice, it is not great.

Daniel said he liked the golden outfit that finalist Agnes Carlsson wore. It certainly stood out in the crowd, but I liked the black dress of finalist Malena Ernman more, it reminded me more of a black and tan coat.

This is the last night with my son Bagus. He will move to Stockholm tomorrow. I am certain he will have a great life there.

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