Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Updates on the Formula 1 Result and Inauguration

The BMW Sauber driver, Polish Robert Kubica, finished seventh this Sunday in Hungary. It has since come to my knowledge that he was disqualified from the results since his car was found to be underweight. This means that Michael Schumacher was moved up one position in the results table, thus earning one point in the World Championship standings. This means that the results were in favour of Schumacher in his competition with Fernando Alonso for the Championships, contrary to what I wrote right after the race. I was not wrong, the results were changed some time after the race, just so you know.

The BBC published a piece on Alvaro Uribe's inauguration as President of Colombia last night. They also had a piece on Alvaro Uribe's inauguration speech today. This is interesting for all of us who are interested in Colombia.

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