Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Stupid Railway Employees

Trains were late again. Daniel was more than two hours late, because some stupid railway employee had shifted the train onto the wrong track before it reached Eskilstuna. That train was half an hour late, too late to make the connection with the train from Arboga to Örebro. Another stupid railway employee refused to order a bus for those who missed the train from Arboga, even though it is said buses shall be ordered if traffic is that late. I feel sorry for Daniel. I feel even more sorry for Paula, who waited with the food even though she would work tonight. She became stressed because she feared she would be late for work. Sometimes, there seem to be tremendous consequences due to human stupidity. A Shiba inu would never be so stupid.

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Ylva & Grulle said...

Typiskt SJ. Skall det strula så strular det ordentligt. Tyvärr är det ju inte så sällan det händer heller. Jag saknar verkligen inte att pendla och avundas ingen som måste göra det. Känner så väl igen den typen av situationer som ni råkade ut för i går kväll :(