Sunday, August 06, 2017


At last, this weekend, we have received a lot of rain. We got twenty millimetres yesterday and a lot today as well. It is still far from an annual average, but it is a start.

I have written a lot of blog entries lately about the laxk of precipitation since last autumn. We had just a little rain throughout the late summer and autumn, not much snow in the winter, and just a little rain in the spring. This summer, we have hardly had any rain at all. By the start of summer, experts said to the newspaper we needed to get at least hundred millimetres of rain in the early summer. We never got that. Months have passed with hardly any rain. This is why about forty to fifty millimetres of rain this week is just a start. It is a good start, but we still need a lot of rain in the days and weeks to come.

Let us hope for even more rain, even though it is uncomfortable being outdoors when it is raining.

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