Saturday, August 19, 2017

Good Results

We actually planned to go to Eskilstuna and the dog show today, to give my granddaughter Soya a chance to get her final CAC and becoming Swedish show champion, alternatively giving Karen a chance to get her first CAC. Soya have injuried her paw, however, and passed, because she would just limp in the show ring. Karen is expecting pups and should not go into the show ring for the sake of her pups.

I was entered in veterans' class, because we would go to Eskilstuna anyway. So was Gunde (a.k.a. Cookie). When Soya and Karen had to stay at home, however, Gunde and I had to defend the colours of Aangenaam. We did it properly. Gunde won best of breed, and I was Best of Opposite Sex. There were other excellent Shibas at the show, but we beat them.

Gunde was not placed in the Veterans' final or the Spitz breeds' final, but he did a great job, nevertheless. We are very satisfied with the results today.

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