Sunday, October 02, 2016

An Important Referendum

This year, the people of ghe UK voted to exit the EU. There is another referendum now, in Colombia, which may be more important. It is a referendum on "yes" or "no" to a peace agreement between the government and the Farc guerilla. It may bring an end to a long war, which may be more important than whether or not you live in a country which is a member of the EU or not.

The civil war in Colombia has been fought since the 1960's. Farc is communistic, but has become less ideologic. It has funded a lot of its war by involvement in the drug trade and kidnappings for ransoms, laundering the money through cattle ranches, shops, and construction companies owned by Farc. The war has caused a lot of deaths and sufferings to the people of Colombia; causing deaths and sufferings are indeed no strange things to communists.

I hope the outcome of the referendum will be "yes". Colombia and its people deserves peace. Perhaps it would have been better to utterly destroy Farc, but the peace has come about mainly because of government progress in the war. A continued war would have caused more deaths and sufferings and an utter destruction of Farc may still have been far away. This is a chance for peace and the people will hopefully take it.

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