Tuesday, October 18, 2016

A New Home for a Pup

Hello, Orange here!

My sister Karen got a litter of three pups about seven weeks before my latest litter was born. Her litter turned eight weeks old today. They went to the veterinarian for a check up, and everything was fine, which is no surprise. Then the male pup of her litter was picked up by his new family. They also said hello to me. It seemed like a nice couple, I am sure Karen's son will have a nice home with them. Meanwhile, I attend to my own pups. They are slightly more precious to me, but this is as it should be, isn't it? I hope for the best for all pups, but most of all for mine. It is so easy to love them, so I am sure they will have great lives. Karen's pups will too, I believe.

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